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Fledging Crow
Fledging Crow Fledging Crow
The guys started Fledging Crow Vegetables in 2008. It is located just outside of Keeseville on Route 9. Ian’s college professor at SUNY Plattsburgh, Marco Turco, offered the deal of a lifetime when he invited Ian to lease a portion of his land to fulfill his dream of owning his own farm.

What is now Fledging Crow Farm was originally a hayfield, the first 4 acres were a labor of love as rocks and weeds were slowly replaced by viable farming soil. The first year, Lucas and Ian held day jobs and took up residence in the first structure they built on the farm, the propagation house. They raised pigs and chickens to help work the land and fertilize the soil. They dreamed of the day food would come out of the ground.

Fledging Crow Vegetables is a Certified Organic farm. This certification guarantees that we do no use artificial treatments or pesticides, and that our crop management maintains or improves the natural environment.