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First Light Creamery

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First Light Creamery
First Light Creamery First Light Creamery
Tristian & Max
First Light Farm is on an L-shaped plot of land that was a pear orchard in the 1920s. The land here is perfect for dairying — a relatively temperate climate with fertile soil with wide expanses of gently rolling fields.
We produce goat's milk and cow's milk cheese made by hand in small batches.
At First Light, we employ meticulously sustainable and humane management of our herd of Nubian and Alpine dairy goats. Many of our recipes combine our own milk with organic Jersey milk from our neighbor's exceptionally well-managed dairy. This combination results in a unique, delicious flavor and consistency to all of our cheeses. We at First Light believe in the principle of terroir, so we never standardize or homogenize the milk that makes our cheese. Instead, we highlight the seasonal changes to our milk by tailoring our cheeses to that day's milk.