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Andy's Specialty Garlic and Produce

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Andy's Specialty Garlic and Produce
About Us
Andy has been gardening since he was 13 and farming (as a business) since 17. He have a real passion for helping things grow, and growing nutritious, tasty food. He loves planting a seed (or rather a whole field of the them) and watching it grow to maturity and bear an abundant harvest. Andy is committed to farming using only organic, sustainable, non chemical methods. He believes the business of farming is one of the best jobs you can have. Growing good food for people to eat is a very rewarding occupation.
We are a Certified Organic family run farm located near Newark NY that strives to grow the best and the freshest produce you can find. We use sustainable, chemical free growing methods. Our family eats everything we grow, so the nutrition content of our vegetables is important for us as well as you. We believe our health is tied to the health of the soil where our food is grown, and much of the food today is lacking many of the essential nutrients and minerals needed for good health.