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Summer & Beyond!

The Good Food Collective is launching a new vision for 2017!

Based on our conversations with farmers and members we have begun transitioning to a more flexible model that allows a greater number of people to receive our farmers' and producers' GOOD fresh food. This winter and spring season we created a more sustainable membership program, allowing members to purchase one week at a time of any share. So far, we have received great feedback from all members and partners of our GOOD collective!


        Starting June 20th we will launch the full vision: an ongoing, flexible, affordable membership program providing local food year round. Once you are a member of The Good Food Collective you will be an ongoing part of this community supporting GOOD farmers and receiving GOOD food. You can continue to pay in advance or you can be charged each week for the GOOD FOOD you receive and you will be able to skip any week you may not want to receive your share. 


GOOD FOOD shares for summer will be available online soon

More GOOD information about our future program to come!