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Interested in bringing GOOD FOOD to your workplace, neighborhood, church, gym, school or community center? Here is what you need to know:

The Program
The Good Food Collective is a workplace wellness opportunity that supports local, sustainable farmers and producers. It is a convenient way to bring GOOD fresh foods to your employees and co-workers. Every week, we will drop off curated shares of delicious local food along with that week's list, recipes and information about the food and farms. 

Coordinator Responsibilities
As a coordinator, you are our representative in your workplace (or other community center), a champion of Good Food! The responsibilities, however, are fairly simple. Once you decide whether your location will be private or open to the public, we will set up a weekly time slot and drop off point that works for you. One of the main coordinators responsibilities will be to make sure any shares that get left behind go to the right person, or end up donated. 

Coordinator Rewards
Once you have enough interest at your location, you will receive 5% of your location’s weekly revenue as credit to spend on your own GOOD FOOD. This actually adds up to quite a lot of savings, and potentially completely free food for you! For example if you get 15-20 people signed up, you could easily have a free weekly standard share, or small share and a coffee share.

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