The Good Food Collective

About The Good Food Collective


We are a year-round program providing individuals and families with access to this area’s best local, sustainable food.

Bridging a Gap

Our project grew out of a gap we saw where growing families and community members were looking for fresh, honest, local food but having trouble finding it easily and regularly. Meanwhile, we were meeting farmers who were growing great food, but struggling to establish a stable base of customers they could count on for weekly purchases.  In 2009, we bridged that gap through the Good Food Collective.   
Our humble beginning started with one hundred members, around ten farmers and one season of shares.  Enthusiasm from members and farmers alike was contagious and we quickly expanded to four seasons, over 60 partner farmers and producers and over 1600 members at the height of each year.  Our delivery locations and programs have since expanded to include workplace and community centers, where we deliver boxed shares. This now allows businesses, apartment buildings, schools and more to bolster Wellness Programs and offer the benefit of convenient, GOOD FOOD to employees, residents, faculty, staff and the communities around them.

Business as Social Change

The Headwater Food Hub is committed to being driven by our values.  We shape our decisions and actions by adhering to our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. We strive to do this on every level of business, from purchasing and delivering to hiring staff and maintaining smooth operations at our warehouse.  The Headwater Food Hub is a certified B Corporation, meeting rigorous social and environmental standards set in place by the nonprofit B Lab.  We believe in business as a tool for social change and betterment and are continually working to improve in these ways.