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Sweet Grass Meats

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Sweet Grass Meats

Sweet Grass Meats is a family farm located in Naples, New York that prides itself in pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed beef and lamb.


275 acres of permanent pasture and 20 acres for hay


Sweet Grass Meats was founded in 2005.  After working on farms around the country, I moved back to Western New York to start my own business. 50 acres of family owned land is the core of our farm.  As we have grown our business over the years we have rented additional land from our neighbors.


I love to grow grass and graze it with cows and sheep. I try to keep the grass, sheep, and cows well fed and happy. There is nothing better than releasing the herds into some fresh, lush grass and watching them happily have their fill.


All of our soil is kept covered by a permanent sod. There is no erosion from our fields even though many are quite steep.  The fertility and organic matter levels are improving every year as a result of our carefully managed rotation grazing. We fertilize with cow, sheep, and chicken manure. Legume and grass seeds are spread in the very early spring to improve our pastures.

Weed Control

We control the few weeds that the animals don’t like to eat with a rotary mower.