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Small World Food

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Small World Food

Delicious & Nourishing

We use fresh, natural ingredients in everything we make to provide the best tasting, most nourishing food possible. Drawing on both traditional old-world baking practices as well as a modern understanding of the science behind them, we work hard to bring out the flavor and nutrition in every item.

Our sauces and vegetable ferments are naturally fermented & never pasteurized, full of amazing flavor & live, active, pro-biotic cultures.  Made from produce hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, these traditional foods bring the bounty of the fields to your dining table.

Local & Organic

We use ingredients that are grown organically by local farmers, or made by local businesses. Ecologically-grown food is safer and healthier for our bodies, for the farmers, and for the earth. For ingredients that are not produced in the region, we use third-party certification to ensure that their production follows organic and/or fair trade standards.

Collective Ownership

As a worker cooperative, our business is owned and run by the people who work here. Our money stays in the local community, and we're all invested in the success of our business. We are always looking to expand the collective and invite potential new members to visit us at market, or to email or call about available positions.

Education and Community

We work to teach people about food and farming by answering questions at our booth at the farmers' market, through on-site workshops and classes, and especially via our Internship Program.  Our Internship Program is designed for those who want to commit to work for a single season in exchange for an in-depth bread making experience.  Please call or email to inquire about open positions.

Small World offers regular volunteer opportunities for members of the community interested in working hands-on with our products and learning both from us and with us.

We partner with local non-profits, community groups, and businesses who share our commitment to and love for Rochester.