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Recipe Ideas - Summer Share 2015 (Week 2)

Welcome to Week 2 of the Summer Season!

Week 2 is all about the luscious greens that this abundant rain is providing us! We've got BEAUTIFUL arugula or tatsoi, lettuce or field greens, and some of the pretties escarole we've ever seen!

The escarole is on the right and the lettuce is on the left. The lettuce is slightly more curly at the end of the leaves and a bit lighter in color. To be sure, taste test! You'll find the escarole is bitter and is best enjoyed cooked - perfect for beans and greens. You won't want to confuse it for lettuce and throw it in a salad, your kids will never eat salad again!

Arugula or Tatsoi 
Arugula Salad
Broccoli and Arugula Soup
Arugula and Chive Baked Egg Cups
Tofu, Chickpea and Arugula Stir Fry 
Lemon Arugula Pizza 
Arugula Smoothie
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Tatsoi Recipes

Quinoa Fennel & Cherry Salad
Fresh Cherry Tart
Tart Cherry Crumble 
Chopped Broccoli Salad with Cherries and Feta 
Fresh Cherry Salsa 
Canned Cherries 
Cherry Lemonade 
Cherry Sorbet 
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Cucumbers or Patty Pan Squash
Spicy Ginger Sesame Cucumber Salad 
Fast Homemade Pickles 
Hugarian Cucumber Salad 
Cucumber Salsa 
Cilantro Lime Cucumber Salad
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Sauteed Patty Pan Squash 
Grilled Patty Pan Squash 
Stuffed Patty Pan Squash 
Patty Pan Squash Carpaccio 
Summer Squash Pasta with Green Goddess Dressing
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Wilted Escarole with Feta, Walnuts + Honey
Sicilian Chickpeas with Escarole + Caramelized Onions 
Italian Greens & Beans 
Sauteed Greens & White Beans 
Italian Wedding Soup with Escarole 
Utica Greens 
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Garlic Scapes
Cauliflower Soup with Garlic Scapes 
Grilled Naan Bread with Garlic Scape Chutney 
Grilled Garlic Scapes & Summer Squash 
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Green Kale 
10 Kale Smoothie Recipes
Skillet Bruschetta with Kale & Beans 
Gialina's Kale & Farro Salad with Avocado 
Slow Cooked Kale Omelettes 
Apple, Kale & Turkey Quesadillas (sub cherries for apples!)
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Lettuce or Field Greens
Mediterranean Chicken Lettuce Taco Wraps 
Strawberry Tofu Chopped Salad (sub cherries!)
Grilled Lettuce with Creme Fraiche & Avocado 
Mixed Green Salad with Horseradish Dressing 
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Enjoy your kitchen adventures!