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A Bittersweet Farewell

Five years ago, after reading The Omnivores Dilemma and watching a few documentaries that challenged the industrial food system, I decided that I would no longer blindly eat what was put in front of me – that I would eat whole foods, mostly plants, and make it a priority to buy local and organic when I could. That’s when I stumbled upon The Good Food Collective and it drastically changed my life. My husband and I were elated to find such a righteous community of like-minded individuals and felt right at home amongst the other members of The Good Food Collective at the South Wedge Farmers Market distribution. 

A year later, I decided to make a career change by applying for an entry-level position at The Good Food Collective. I was fortunate enough to get the job, aligning my career with my passion of local, sustainable food. Over the course of the next four years, I put blood, sweat, and tears into my work here – literally. I meet incredible, inspirational people who have become friends, family even. I watched and helped our project change and evolve and had a blast while doing it.

In March of 2016, I had another life-altering experience. I brought my first child into this world. I never thought something so small could make me feel such big, beautiful feelings. I fully intended to rock my new working mom status. However, I returned to work with much trepidation. Leaving my 12 week old was a greater challenge than I could have imagined. But, I worked through it and eventually found somewhat of a rhythm.

The work we do here at Headwater Food Hub, it’s important. It's messy. It's beautiful. So, too, is raising and cultivating a little human. And currently, I value that "work" more than my work with the GFC. Because of this, I have made a difficult decision – this is my final week with the GFC as a staff member. There is no doubt I will miss this work. But more importantly, I will miss the people – my colleagues, our farmers and producers, and our incredible members. I am incredibly sad to leave. However, I am also excited to embark on this next chapter of my life and to raise a really wonderful little human who will positively contribute to society.

Please know that you have made the last 4 years some of the best years for me. Yeah, we’ve shared the typical CSA things -recipes, storage tips, and curious veggie facts. But we’ve also shared jokes, laughter, tears, words of encouragement, and so much more. I will miss each and every one of you. I wish you only the very best. Please don’t be strangers – you’ll likely see me and my family in the distribution line at one of the community distributions for years to come. 

In good food,