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Spring Green

Here at the Good Food Collective we’ve been thinking Spring. Sure, this means green, that new soft green. The kind of green you are probably starting to see in the new growth in your yards and gardens and along the sidewalks as the leaves get raked away.



This means the farmers are dropping seeds and starts into small plugs in the hoophouses and greenhouses. This means the fiddleheads in the forest are warming and thinking about unfurling. The asparagus is wriggling its toes and the spring leeks are storing up flavor energy. 



Won’t you join us for Spring? Yes, it will be green. But it will also be red and orange. You can expect crunchy radishes and if we’re lucky there will be juicy strawberries as well. Tender young carrots too.  

Spring is a magical season. New growth is where it’s at.  

Flavor, variety and access is what the Good Food Collective provides.



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