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2016 Shares Available Now

Folks, it’s that time again. Just when you think you can’t take the any longer, when the winter blues start to settle in your bellies and spread to your extremities – a light starts to shine from behind those cold, dark clouds that hover over you. What is the source of that warm, familiar light? Good. Local. Food. Good, local, food that grows in the warmth and sunshine of the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, reminding you not to get lost in the darkness that is winter. Beckoning you to start planning for the warm and bountiful months ahead, jam-packed with flavor, nutrients, and good ol’ fashion culinary fun.

Great news - the 2016 Good Food Collective Seasons are now live and ready for you to commit to supporting your local farmers, choosing wholesome, sustainable, local food that is good for your bellies and the earth that feeds us. Keep your food close. Keep your farmers closer.

There is a lot to be excited about this year. After hearing your invaluable feedback, we have utilized the winter months to crop plan with our farmers for this upcoming growing season. We’ve got some new, unique varieties on the horizon that we are excited to cook with and devour and will ensure you’re getting enough of the classics and favorites as well. We have done some critical thinking and have come up with some logistical changes that will make the pick-up experience smoother and more efficient. We are looking forward to introducing some community enrichment activities at our distributions such as tasting tables, kid’s food art tables, and other fun ways to connect with other GFC members and the GFC crew at pick-up.

Also exciting? As an ever evolving and improving company, 2016 brings some streamlined changes to names and distribution models to make it easier and more convenient for you to purchase your GOOD FOOD and to get it into your homes. Take a look at some of the improvements below. Sign up now for the best fit for you!  

New this year is the Harvest Share. The Harvest Share is the summer season and fall season combined for a total of 23 weeks of GOOD FOOD, beginning in June and ending in November. That way you don’t have to remember to purchase your fall share in the chaos of the summer! There is the added benefit that is you commit to both seasons now by purchasing the Harvest Share, you get a week free! *Available only for Community Distribution and Home Delivery. 

Speaking of summer, this year it is a week longer for a total of 15 weeks. No more break between the Summer and Fall Shares. There’s just too much GOOD FOOD we’re missing out on that week!

This year the Small Share will operate on a bi-weekly basis! We heard your feedback: you wanted to receive all the same items the standard members where getting in a given week, you simply didn’t want the same volume. So, we’ve changed that. The small share is now about ½ the volume of food in a given season and half the price! The Small Share provides 4-8 different varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits every other week, from our network of local, sustainable farms. Fruit varieties are typically 1 to 2 of the 4 to 8 items in the share. The amount of each item is typical to standard purchases at a farmers’ market: 2-3 summer squash, 1 bunch of kale, 3-4 peppers, 1-2 heads of lettuce, 6 ears of corn, 2 large cucumbers, 1 Qt. of peaches, a large handful of garlic scapes, etc. The Small Share is designed to supply a singular individual with a week to two weeks (if stored properly) of fresh, seasonal produce.

Again, we value our members and their feedback and want you to know that we critically think about every survey, every email, every phone call, and every in-person conversation we have with each one of you. Many of you asked if we would ever introduce home delivery. The time has come. For an additional $5.00 a week, you can get your box of GOOD, local food delivered to your doorstep on Mondays, between 4-6 PM, if you live within these select zip codes: 14618, 14610, 14607, 14620. Additionally, we can deliver additional shares that are not temperature sensitive: fruit shares, apples shares, bread shares, and coffee shares.

New names. Same ol’ good food. We’ve streamlined our names and tried to make it easier for new folks to distinguish between our many distribution models:

Community Distribution is the new name for the old “Green Truck Distribution”. Our delivery vehicles (still the Green Trucks) set up at community-based distribution locations for you to pick up your GOOD food. These locations are set up around the city and surrounding areas. Community Distributions are a fast and easy pick-up point and experience for our members. Bring your own reusable bags to transfer your share to your bags or pay a little extra ($2.00 more per week) and pick up an Express Box so you can skip the line altogether!

Workplace Delivery is the new name for the old “Pre-boxed Share Delivery”. Workplace delivery shares are public or private pick-up points at which a cluster of employees or individuals pick up boxed shares pre-packaged by our team. Private locations are workplace distribution points set up for employees only. Public locations are open to anyone to pick up boxed shares at that location. 

We feel confident that we have a GOOD year ahead of us and that you will really love what we have in store for you. Be sure to check out all our GOOD offerings so you can decide the best way to keep your food close and keep your farmers closer.