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Distribution 101: 2015 Summer Green Truck Distribution Edition

It's Summer Time!
So happy you're here. 

Welcome to The Good Food Collective 2015 Summer Season! With the kick off for summer less than a week away, we wanted to give you all the important information you'll need for a successful and enjoyable Summer Season. 

Most importantly, the 1st week of the Summer Season begins Monday, June 22nd. Check your inboxes Sunday (6/21) for an important email that will remind you of all the good information below.

Also important, for all you fine folks that purchased monthly shares (beef, cheese, chicken, deli, ferment, ground beef, pork), the 1st monthly shares distribution (beef, cheese, chicken, deli, ferment, ground beef, pork) will be during week 2, beginning Monday, June 29th through Thursday July 2nd.


Weekly Distribution Days & Times 
(does not include Pre-boxed Share delivery days and times)

  • Mondays (6/22 – 9/21)
    • The Jewish Community Center
      • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
      • Address: 1200 Edgewood Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
    • Webster Public Library (Express Box Location)
      • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
      • Address: 980 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580
  • Tuesdays (6/23 – 9/22)
    • The Perinton Community Center
      • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
      • Address: 1350 Turk Hill Rd, Fairport, NY 14450
  • Wednesdays (6/24 – 9/23)
    • The Harley School
      • Time: 4:00 - 7:00 PM
      • Address: 1981 Clover St, Rochester, NY 14618
  • Thursdays (6/25 – 9/24)
    • The South Wedge Farmers’ Market
      • Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM 
      • NEW ADDRESS: 151 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY
    • URMC at Flaum Atrium
      • Time: 4:00 – 6:00 PM
      • Address: BEHIND 415 Elmwood Avenue (Medical Research Building), Rochester, NY 14642 (see image below)


    Communication is Key
    Be sure to add us to your address book! 

    The emails you will receive throughout the season will contain important information on distribution changes, product changes, logistics, and more. The most effective method of communicating with all you GOOD folks is through email, so be sure those communications are not going to your spam folder.


    Expect these weekly communications:

    • Mondays we will send a weekly share email, providing you with what types of produce you will be receiving in a given week, the farm where it was grown, and the growing practices - given the weather cooperates and all goes according to plan. Know that there will be times where we will have to be a bit vague as to whether or not you will definitely be receiving a product – part of the excitement of being a part of a collective and supporting local farms is things can change last minute! 
    • Tuesdays we will send an email with recipe suggestions for each item included in the respective week’s share & will also add it to the Recipes Page on our website. Be sure to check out our Pinterest Page too!
    • Fridays we'll send a forecast email, providing you with an estimate of what you might receive the following week so that those of you who grocery shop on Saturdays and Sundays can meal plan! Again, this is just a forecast and not definite. 

    What to Bring

    We are working towards going plastic bag free this year. Besides your beautiful, smiling faces, recipe ideas and tricks of the trade to share with other members, please bring reusable vessels to carry all your GOOD food. This year, after watching Bag It & Plastic Paradise, our goal to go plastic bag free was kicked into high gear! This year we will not be providing plastic bags at distributions, so be sure to bring something to carry your good food home in! This is what we’ve seen past members use:

    • Reusable bags (3 to 6 depending on the time of the season)
    • A large cardboard box (or two)
    • A large basket
    • A plastic laundry basket (possibly the most creative method we've seen!)
    • Small grocery cart (you know, those nifty little carts with wheels and a convenient handle)
    • Reusable produce bags or used plastic grocery bags, for separating wet items (ie. just washed greens) and, although the farmers and our team are doing our very best to wash all produce, for those times when you might have slightly dirty items (ie. leeks, scallions, carrots)

    Can't Make Distribution?
    We've got your back.

    Can’t make your designated pick-up day? 
    Easy-peasy! Just fill out our Location Change Form (found under "Contact Us" on our website) and choose to pick up your summer shares up at any of the summer distributions listed above. 

    Location Restrictions Members cannot switch from a ‘pick-it-yourself’ green truck location to a pre-boxed or express box location. Similarly, pre-boxed locations cannot switch to other pre-boxed locations.

    OR, feel free to send a friend or family member to pick up your share at your usual spot that day. All that GOOD friend needs to do is provide us with the name the share was purchased under, no ID required. Make sure they don't forget bags or baskets!

    Food Hub Pick Up
    If you don't have a friend or family member that can pick up your shares for you on your designated day, and if changing to the other distribution location and day will not work for you, we have one final way to get your GOOD FOOD. Come out to our Food Hub in Ontario, NY at 6318 Ontario Center Road. You are welcome to pick up your share on Fridays between 10AM-1PM, before we donate to our partner organizations. Just know that you must contact us to let us know you'd like to pick up your share at the hub prior to 10:00 AM on that FridayJust fill out the Location Change Form.

    Traveling or out of town for the full week? 
    If you are going to be out of town this spring and are worried about missing a week’s worth of GOOD food, there are a couple of options for you:

    • Have a friend or family member pick up your GOOD food and enjoy it for the week that you are away
    • Donate it! If you can’t find someone to enjoy your food while you are away, donate it to one of our many partner organizations (ie. Food Link, ROC City Values, Horizons Program, & more). Simply email us at membership@thegoodfoodcollective to do so. 

    Unfortunately, during the fresh food seasons (Spring, Summer & Fall), we cannot hold produce shares over the weekend to distribution the following week. When we order the food in your share from our farmers, it arrives to us at peak ripeness and freshness and we want to make sure you get it immediately at the best quality possible. If we hold your share for a week, we cannot guarantee the quality and freshness. Therefore, we donate any leftover or forgotten shares on Fridays to our partner non-profit organizations while still fresh.

    Save the Date!
    GOOD events

    7/1: Please join us for the 1st GFC Community Potluck of the 2015 Summer Season at The Harley School! More details to follow.

    10/3: Save the date for the culminating celebration of the 2015 Summer Season - a GOOD evening!