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Why Buying Locally Roasted Coffee is GOOD


We often talk about the importance of supporting our local farmers. We discuss the implications of enjoying a fresh spring salad made of local, organic field greens and sweet asparagus from Williamson, NY or biting into a crisp, tart Granny Smith grown right up the road in Holley, NY. What we don't talk about enough is the importance of buying or drinking a locally roasted cup of coffee. Coffee is coffee, right? We, and the folks at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, beg to differ.

We could stumble on our own words trying to express the impact of such an act, doing a mediocre job at best. Instead, we thought we’d let our partners over at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters explain what happens when you buy a cup of coffee from their shop or when you sign up for a weekly coffee share through The Good Food Collective.

Wade Reed, Head Roaster, puts it beautifully and eloquently in this blog post. Here is a quick excerpt about the global impact of buying locally roasted coffee:

“When direct, in-country relationships aren’t possible for us, we are connected with reputable importers whose presence at each harvest assures growers continued interest and market share, as well as prices well-above the commodities market.   This makes the lives of our growers, and therefore the quality of our coffee, much more economically sustainable.  This also furthers education on environmentally sustainable practices, all of which multiplies the impact of buying bags of locally-roasted coffee.”

Wade also speaks on the quality of their product:

“To assure added freshness, nothing stays on our shelves longer than one week, and every bag has a roast date printed on the bottom of the bag.  Unlike an arbitrarily selected “expiration date”–often one year post-roast for store-bought coffee, which is two years post-harvest for the past-crop coffee often being used–the roast date assures you that the delicious but volatile flavor compounds developed during roasting have only had a minimal amount of time to break down and escape.”

So head on over and see Why We Should Buy Local Coffee or just go for it and lock in a summer membership of the freshest, most delicious local coffee around!