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Let's Chat Additional Shares

Get your staples every week through The Good Food Collective and know that you are eating and supporting local!

You hear much about our produce shares - we're constantly tweeting pictures, pinning recipes, and blowing up our Facebook page with pictures of GOOD, wholesome, local fruits and veggies. But did you know that we also offer weekly and monthly shares of other great items like pasture-raised, certified organic eggs, direct trade or cooperative trade coffee, fresh baked small batch bread with organic grains, and more? Seriously! You can get all your staples in 1 stop while supporting our network of hard-working local farmers and producers! Read more about our awesome offerings below (and see some pictures of the farms and products).

Weekly Shares

(pick up local, mindfully raised & crafted food every week with or without a produce share!)

  • Bread: Devour a freshly baked, high quality, small batch, artisan loaf a week from Flour City Bread Co. where they focus on utilizing organic and local ingredients whenever possible. All the loaves are a sourdough variety and the loaves are still warm when we receive them, baked that very morning, then we bring them to you! Our personal favorites are the Raisin Fennel, Sunny Six Grain, and Three Seeded Semolina, but you can also expect pain au levain, miche, whole wheat, baguettes, and more!
  • Coffee: Enjoy the best cup of coffee around, right at home! A wonderful way to explore coffees from different regions, farms and countries. Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, a 2013 Good Food Award winner, "carefully chooses their farm relationships— looking for those that display exceptional passion and care" and uses a unique profiling roasting system that brings out the very best flavor in every bean. We always have a fresh pot on in our office and oh the smell! It's heavenly...and the flavor is even more impressive.
  • Eggs: Pick up a dozen of certified organic, pasture-raised eggs (more important, in our opinion, than organic, meaning that these birds live happy lives outside, which is most likely not the case for those organic eggs found at your local grocery chain) on a weekly basis from Hilltop Farm in Moravia, NY. These eggs have deep golden yolks and an unprecedented flavor. Happy birds make happy, healthy eggs...and boy are these birds happy!
  • Pasta: Get a bag a week of organic, hand-made pasta from Flour City Pasta that provides a selection of high quality, old world pasta varieties - another fantastic complement to your weekly load of local, sustainable vegetables!
  • Yogurt: The creamiest yogurt around made with Organic whole milk from Jersey Cows from First Light Farm & Creamery in East Bethany, NY. The perfect complement to the delicious summer fruits in our summer and fruit shares, with a little local honey drizzled on top...mmm. It's so delicious that it takes ALL our willpower not to finish the whole 32 oz. container in one sitting!
Monthly Shares
(pick up these local, mindfully raised and crafted shares once a month)

  • Beef: Pick up 8-10 lbs. of a selection of frozen beef cuts & ground beef from Sweet Grass Meats in Naples, NY. These animals are truly pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed and receive no antibiotics and no added hormones.
Member testimonial, Fall 2014: "The Beef Share was excellent!"
  • Cheese: Taste the impressive spread of the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail! Receive 4 different varieties a month of local, artisan cheese, from 4 different creameries.
  • Chicken: Savor a delicious truly pasture-raised chicken (again, this means these birds are happy to live most of their life outside among the meadows, not in cages or CAPOs) from Fisher Hill Farm in Canandaigua, NY, raised on grass and certified organic grains from Lakeview Organics in Penn Yan, NY, with no hormones or antibiotics. You will receive 1 frozen chicken a month...and you'll wish you had 2! They are THAT good.
  • FermentBesides their delicious and distinctive taste, lacto-fermented foods pack a punch of nutrients, probiotics, beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, and more! Enjoy 2 different Small World Food products a month, ranging from miso, to kimchee, to ginger carrots and more!
Member testimonial, Summer 2014: "The Ferment Share was out of this world wonderful! I don't even like sauerkraut, but I just couldn't get enough of their sauerkraut!"
  • Deli meat: Delight in 4 different varieties every month: deli ham, cappicola, bologna, and salami from The Piggery, out of Trumansburg, NY, who pasture-raises heritage breed hogs on sustainably managed fields, creating a handcrafted line of nitrate free, tasty deli meats.
  • Ground Beef: Get approximately 5 lbs. of frozen 100% grass-fed, no hormones, no antibiotics ground beef from Sweet Grass Meats in Naples, NY. Again, happy, healthy animals make the best happy, healthy food.
  • Pork: Savor 8-10 lbs. of frozen pork cuts and sausage made from truly pasture-raised, organically fed Heritage pigs from Interbrook Farm in Interlaken, NY. They receive no corn or soy and even eat some woodland forage! These hogs are in heaven at Interbrook Farm, spending most of their time outside roaming the woods and fields.
Member Testimonial, Summer 2014: "We also received a Pork Share which was AMAZING."


Most of these shares are available for SPRING too (all but the ferment)!