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The Life Changing Nature of The GFC

It all started on a bleak, rainy Saturday in the fall of 2011. Curled up on the couch, my husband and I browsed Netflix and opted for a few informative documentaries: Ingredients and Forks Over Knives. These films discussed two very different topics: Ingredients focused on the importance of eating locally and seasonally and Forks Over Knives talked about heart disease, a disease that plagues my family’s medical history, and the importance of eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Both films called us to action. At that moment, we decided that we needed to change the way we ate and where we sourced our food.

In our search for local food options, we discovered The Good Food Collective and found it appealing that many farmers grew the food in each weekly share. We signed up for the summer 2012 season and have never looked back.

My biggest takeaway from our first year as GFC members was the drastic impact it had on our eating habits and overall health. We knew it would shake things up a bit but we have no idea the scope of it. I’m talking earth shaking changes. A fridge full of wholesome, local vegetables and fruits equated to what filled our bellies and nourished our bodies. It was transformative. We cooked more at home, ate more raw foods, consumed less junk and processed ingredients, and craved, instead of sugar and fat, crisp greens, juicy heirloom tomatoes, and succulent peaches. We felt stronger, more energized, slimmer, and generally healthier than we ever had before.

A secondary benefit was the impact it had on our bank account. To be completely transparent, the initial down payment seemed like a lot for us – a bit of sticker shock. But after comparing what we spent weekly at the grocery store to what the weekly cost would be at the GFC, we realized that we would likely save money. As we progressed through the summer, we were making fewer trips to the grocery store (which eliminated all those unnecessary purchases that happen when one enters the grocery store hungry), being mindful that we consumed all we received in our weekly shares and, ultimately, saved a considerable chunk of money over the duration of the season.

If you’ve aspired to lead a healthier lifestyle, I encourage you to sign up for The Good Food Collective. Speaking from personal experience, there is truly no simpler or effective way to make a substantial change in your lifestyle. When you eat good food, you feel good. And our health is everything.