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Distribution 101 - Fall 2014

You have continued to impress us with your commitment to eating well and doing good – we have grown our fall membership to 1,200 GOOD eaters! Thank you for your continued support of our project. We could not do our good work without you!

Below you will find lots of GOOD information that is imperative for a smooth sailing season. If you don't find what you are looking for below, feel free to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to or call us at our new office number: 315-524-3570.


Fall Green Truck Distribution Pick-up Times & Locations: 

*Note that Fall pick-up times are 1 hour shorter, ending at 6:00 PM, to accommodate for the shorter days.

- JCC of Greater Rochester, 4:00 –6:00 PM

- Midtown Athletic Club, 4:00 – 6:00 PM (Express Box)
- Perinton Community Center 4:00 – 6:00 PM

- The Harley School, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

- South Wedge Farmers Market, 4:00 – 6:00 PM
- URMC at Flaum Atrium, 3:00 – 5:00 PM (Express Box)


What to Bring

Besides your beautiful, smiling faces, please bring reusable vessels to carry all your GOOD food so we reduce the number of plastic bags we are dumping into the waste management system. Keep in mind that the Fall Share is typically a HEAVY SHARE so make sure your reusable bags and boxes are sturdy! This is what we’ve seen past members use:

  • Sturdy, reusable bags (3 to 6 depending on the time of the season)
  • A large box or two
  • A large basket
  • A plastic laundry basket 
  • Small grocery cart (you know, those groovy little guys with the wheels)
  • A wagon
  • Used plastic grocery bags for separating wet items (ie. just washed greens) and for those times when you might have slightly dirty items (ie. leeks, scallions, carrots)



Most locations will have large parking lots available for you to park in except for the South Wedge location on Thursdays and the Express Box location at URMC on Thursdays.

The South Wedge distribution (Thursdays, 4-6pm) coincides with the South Wedge Farmers Market for the first two distributions, which adds a whole new level of awesome to the experience. Because of this, it is busy and parking can be limited. 
This year GFC members can park in the big lot across from 140 Alexander (at Broadway), in Highland Contractor’s lot at 620 S. Clinton, and in the Glidden Paint Center after 5:00 pm (Alexander and S. Clinton.)

At the URMC Express Box distribution (Thursdays, 3-5pm), park in the north portion of the Medical Research Building which is free for 30 minutes, only for GFC members picking up at the URMC at Flaum Atrium. It will be quickest to walk directly through the Medical Research Building to get to where we will be parked.



Monthly Share Distributions

Just to keep these GOOD share distributions on your radar and make sure you bring some extra bags, all monthly shares will be distributed on these weeks and dates:

  • Week 2 (October 13-16th)
  • Week 6 (November 10-13th)

The monthly shares are: beef, cheese, chicken, deli, ferment, ground beef, and pork.

Traveling or Need to Change your Pick-up?

If you are going to be out of town this fall and are worried about missing a week’s worth of GOOD food, there are a couple of options for you:

  •  Usually, folks have friends or family members pick up their GOOD food and enjoy it for the week that they are away.  All that GOOD friend needs to do is provide us with the name the share was purchased under - no idea or call ahead necessary!
  • If you can’t find someone to enjoy your food while you are away, you can donate it! Simply email us at membership@thegoodfoodcollective to choose this option.

Can’t make your distribution one week? No problem! Just fill out our Location Change Form (under Contact Us on the website) and choose which location works for you. Keep in mind that if you are a Green Truck (GTD), you can only change to another GTD, you cannot switch to an Express Box or Pre-boxed Share location. Pre-boxed Shares and Express Box Shares, can, however, switch to Green Truck Distribution locations or other Express Box locations. 


Thanksgiving Week

Some important distribution changes to note for the week of Thanksgiving:

  • URMC EXPRESS BOX DISTRIBUTION will be moved to Tuesday, November 25th, from 3-5 PM, still at the same location.
  • SOUTH WEDGE GREEN TRUCK DISTRIBUTION will be moved to Wednesday, November 26th, AT THE HARLEY SCHOOL. We will be in contact as the date gets closer about the times for this. Just to reiterate, all South Wedge members will be picking up at The Harley School on Wednesday, 11/26, the final week of distribution!


Weekly Emails

The emails you will receive throughout the season will contain important information on distribution changes, product changes, logistics, and more. The most effective method of communicating with all you GOOD folks is through email, so be sure those communications are not going to your SPAM folder. THE BEST and EASIEST TECHNIQUE IS ADDING THIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOOK:


Expect these weekly communications:

• Every Monday we will send an email about the weekly share, giving you an idea of what produce you will be receiving, which farm it is coming from, and how it is grown (assuming the weather cooperates and all goes according to plan). Know that there will be times where we will have to be a bit vague as to whether or not you will definitely be receiving a product – part of the excitement of being a part of a collective and supporting local farms is things can change last minute! 

• Every Tuesday we will send an email with recipe suggestions for each 
item included in the respective week’s share.

In addition, be sure to follow us on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for more GOOD information. Usually on Fridays we'll give a forecast of the next week's share on Facebook!