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What's the Diff? Summer Share vs. Fall Share

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Are you wondering what the Fall Share is like?
The Fall Share is by far our favorite season! It is a marvelously bountiful season, beginning with many of the same crops you are receiving now in the summer share and transitioning to a season full of hearty crops. Fall is a season of...

Hearty Root Crops 

  • potatoes
  • beets
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • sweet potatoes
  • celeriac
  • turnips and more!

Apples and Sweets

  • many varieties of apples
  • many varieties pears 
  • savory squashes
  • jugs of cider and more!

**Let's not forget the many items you receive in the summer share:

  • cabbages
  • lettuces
  • kales
  • collards
  • chard
  • broccoli
  • eggplants
  • peppers 
  • tomatoes
  • corn
  • beans and more!

Another perk? The Fall Share offers fruits and vegetables that, if stored properly, can last through the heart of winter! Well, at the very least, through December which is our time off between the fall and winter shares. 

The difference between the Fall Share and the Summer Share is that the summer is comprised of mostly light, colorful, summery things – lettuces, herbs, delicate stone fruits and berries, tender vegetables, whereas the fall is a heartier experience BUT still with many GOOD summery items. The Fall Share runs for 8 weeks (as opposed to the 14 week long summer season), beginning October 5th and ending on November 25th.
It really is a wonderful season, culminating with not just a GOOD share but a GREAT share, perfect for your Thanksgiving feast!

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