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Summer Distribution 101

Distribution 101
Monday kicks off the first week of our 2014 Summer Season. At 1,300 strong, together, we are truly a local, slow food force to reckon. We are so very proud of this GOOD community and what we will accomplish this season. We just can’t wait to get started!

Speaking of getting started, many of you folks are new to our community and probably have a lot of questions, or perhaps you are a veteran and need a reminder of how our Green Truck Distributions work. Hopefully all this GOOD information below will help!

For those of you folks with Pre-boxed Shares or with pick-up at Heritage Christian Services Pieters Family Life Center, you can expect a welcome email to come from your respective in-house coordinators soon with all the details of how that will work. However, as always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at!

What to Bring
Besides your beautiful, smiling faces, recipe ideas and tricks of the trade to share with other members, we suggest that you bring reusable vessels to carry all your GOOD food. This is what we’ve seen past members use:

  • Reusable bags (3 to 6 depending on the time of the season)
  • A large box or two
  • A large basket
  • A plastic laundry basket (how creative!)
  • Small grocery cart (you know, those groovy little guys with the wheels)
  • Used plastic grocery bags for separating wet items (ie. just washed greens) and, although the farmers and our team are doing our very best to wash all produce, for those times when you might have slightly dirty items (ie. leeks, scallions, carrots)

Most locations will have large parking lots available for you to park in except for the South Wedge location on Thursdays and the Express Box location at URMC on Thursdays.

The South Wedge location coincides with the wonderful South Wedge Farmers Market, which adds a whole new level of awesome to the experience. Because of this, it is busy and parking can be limited. This year GFC members can park in the big lot across from 140 Alexander (at Broadway), in Highland Contractor’s lot at 620 S. Clinton, and in the Glidden Paint Center after 5:00 pm (Alexander and S. Clinton.)

At the URMC Express Box distribution, park in the north portion of the Medical Research Building which is free for 30 minutes, only for GFC members picking up at the URMC at Flaum Atrium. It will be quickest to walk directly through the Medical Research Building to get to where we will be parked.

Picking up at a Different Location
Can’t make your designated pick-up day? Easy-peasy! Just fill out our Location Change Form and choose which location that week works for you. Keep in mind that if you are a Green Truck, you can only change within those types of distributions, you cannot switch to an Express Box or Pre-boxed Share location. Pre-boxed Shares and Express Box Shares, can, however, switch to Green Truck Distribution locations or other Express Box locations. Also of importance, please give us 48 hours notice to accommodate for your change so that we harvest and pack enough GOOD food for everybody. Or, if you can’t make your pick-up in time, you can always send a friend or family member to pick up their share that day. All that GOOD friend needs to do is provide us with the name the share was purchased under!

If you can’t make any of our 7 Green Truck Distribution locations during the week, you are welcome to come to our food hub on Fridays, between 10 and 3 pm, to get your missed share. Our address is 6318 Ontario Center Road, Ontario, NY. Please call or email before coming! After 3:00 pm, all the leftover product is donated to a few location organizations.

Traveling this Summer?
If you are going to be out of town this summer and are worried about missing a week’s worth of GOOD food, there are a couple of options for you. Usually, folks have friends or family members pick up their GOOD food and enjoy it for the week that they are away. If you can’t find someone to enjoy your food while you are away, you can donate it! Simply email us at membership@thegoodfoodcollective to choose this option.