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Replacing Celery with Brussel Sprouts

Last night, the cover on the celery blew off and it froze our weeks supply of celery. This is a challenge farmers face at the end of the growing season in Upstate New York. Grateful to announce the Brussel Sprouts are ready and will be the replacement product. If you are new to Brussel Sprouts, they are a group of cabbages, grown on a stalk. Yes, very popular in Brussels, Belgium. It is believed to have originated there.


With a sharp paring knife, remove each bud where it connects to the stalk. It is important to use caution when removing them. Give a good rinse and towel the water off. They are fantastic whole or split in half and roasted (Roasted Brussel Sprout Recipe). Let us know what you do with your "little cabbages".