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Thinking Outside and Inside the Box

When you become a member of the Good Food Collective, you join a pioneering group of Rochesterians who care about quality food, healthy communities and creating a strong, sustainable, local food system. One of our challenges as a community is to find the greenest, most sustainable methods to efficiently pack and deliver your weekly share -- whether you are one of our Green Truck Distribution members or part of our Pre-Boxed Share program. And we know you do your part to make the process more sustainable too, from bringing your own reusable bags to distribution to the way you store, prepare and eat your bounty (those beets sure are good, but so are those green parts!).

We are an eager group of active learners and are always seeking ways to make our methods greener, more efficient and more sustainable. Our Pre-Boxed Share program serves as an example. This year we are happy to have an unprecedented number of workplace partners and members receiving Pre-Boxed Shares. Those of you who participated in this program in previous years will notice a change in the container. This year, your Pre-Boxed Share is delivered to you in a box manufactured locally in Victor, NY and comprised of 95% post consumer waste and 5% pre consumer waste. Koch Container not only embraces more sustainable practices for its products and the way it produces them, but in its day to day operations. And by choosing a company that not only embraces those more sustainable industry practices, but is also local, we are using less resources to transport those boxes to us. Great. But what do I with this box now? We were waiting for you to ask. You are an invaluable part of what makes our GOOD Food Community so unique and strong. And you have a job to do after you receive your Pre-Boxed Share (don't worry, it's an easy job.) Most often, your box can be reused. And we want to reuse it or have you reuse it if it can!
  1. Take it home and unpack it (or, alternatively, you can bring your own bags and transfer your local goods right at your pick-up location).
  2. Inspect the box. Would you use it again for food? If you would, break it down and return it to your pick-up location. We'll retrieve the boxes. If it looks in no condition to use again for food, please find a use for it if it has life left for other uses.
  3. You believe the box is at the end of its useful life. Recycle it! You can either return it to us or to the proper recycling authority where you live.
But that's a lot of responsibility! How do I know what's really good for food? Remember that part about all of us being in this together? Well, we are all in this together.  We are your safety net. We'll do another inspection of any box you return for reuse to make sure it really is appropriate. You are a key part of our Pre-Boxed Share reuse/recycle program.