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Week 14: A Few Crop Changes — What Items and Why

The last two weeks, there have been some changes in what crops are at distribution compared to those listed in our Monday email.  We are sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this may cause, and are doing our best to connect all members to what our local farmers are working hard to produce as the temperatures and conditions change. As the season rolls into fall, with the shorter days and cold nights, it has become harder to predict exactly what is ready and when.  Some GOOD FOOD has been slow to ripen, if at all.  With some nights getting close to freezing, some crops are slowing to a halt. We are working to make sure everyone is connected to the best GOOD FOOD our farmers have and are committed to trying to assure all our members have access to the same GOOD FOOD, even if it means having to rotate things around a bit to make it happen.

Here are the items that were listed and why we had to make changes:

BABY SALAD GREENS Two weeks ago we listed cut salad greens.  Since the greens are still so small, the crew at Raindance Harvest Farm was only able to get one day's worth of distribution covered.  That week it was Tuesday; last week, Wednesday; and this week, Thursday... But everyone will have a sampling of the first early cut greens.
TOMATILLOS Last week we listed Tomatillos and there were not enough to distribute to all members.  We alerted you and said we would have tomatoes to fill in.  Then the tomatoes all cracked open in the heavy rain and we did not have enough of those either. So the fix: this week, the members that did not receive Tomatillos or Tomatoes will get the last picking of bigger heirlooms from Raindance Harvest. BROCCOLI This week, half the broccoli in the field is just not big enough to harvest and deliver yet.  The first half of members this week are getting Broccoli; the second half are getting Red (with some Green) Peppers in its place.  Next week, we will be able to flip that and start with Red (with some Green) Peppers and finish off with Broccoli... again, everyone will get both by the end of next week.
BEETS Lastly, the Beets are growing slowly...we have had to pull in Swiss Chard, Swiss Chard (Thursday-URMC) and Summer Squash (Thursday-South Wedge) to fill in when the Beets are too small to distribute.  Here too, we will switch it around next week or the week after so everyone eventually has the same GOOD FOOD options.
THANK YOU for you patience and understanding on all of these changes.  Indeed, this is part of our seasonal eating adventure in Upstate New York. Thank you for being part of the development of this local food system and supporting your local farmers. See you soon! Chris and The GFC crew.