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Tomatillo Update

Farmer Jake (Lagoner Farms) has let us know that the tomatillos are not all ready. They have picked the ones that are ready this week. The rest will be ready next week. That said, half the members will receive tomatillos this week and the other half will receive heirloom Roma tomatoes. Next week, the rest of the tomatillo crop should be ripe and we will do the reverse. We apologize to those of you tomatillo lovers out there who have to wait a week!

Things to do with Tomatillos:

And for those of you wondering what to do with those tomatillos -- open that ruffly papery skin and you will see a lovely thing that looks like a green tomato. Then get busy making salsa verde! Tamsan Cleveland - Am going to try Tomatillo Gazpacho; I'll keep you posted. Jennifer Karr  - We sauté them in oil and make an omelette. So good. Jennifer Wagner - I dice them with the cherry tomatoes, scallions, garlic, cilantro and lime juice....awesome dip for corn chips.