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Summer Share 2013 — Week Ten


The pigs just went to the butcher last week, and the last of the sausage is getting made this week.  All MEAT SHARES come next week! 

THANK YOU for your feedback!

Many of you filled out the survey or have sent us an email directly. Thank you for all of this valuable feedback. We are sifting through all of your answers and comments so we can get the best sense we can of what has worked well and what has not. Our goal is to really work hard on understanding your needs, issues, and successes as far as your membership with The Good Food Collective. We are trying to provide a value filled, enjoyable and tasty experience...for the vast majority we seem to be on the right track. We have things to learn towards continued improvement and we look forward to working hard in those ways. Thanks again for all the time you put into providing us with feedback, and thank you for participating in this project and the development of a sustainable food system for Rochester!