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Gearing Up for the 2013 Summer Season

The Good Food Collective team is busy preparing for the start of the 2013 Summer Share season! We had our first official staff meeting at the new GOOD Food Hub Monday. Yes, we had to leave our beloved red barn behind. With an unprecedented 1200 member season, we needed more room to grow and bloom. We are slowly crossing off things on our giant to do list -- moving, sweeping, cleaning, painting, repairing, training, meeting with farmers and rolling out the maps to nail down the logistics of all the fantastic new distribution locations. If you signed up for a 2013 Summer Share, you should have received your first email about distribution this week. If you didn't, please let us know. There are all sorts of reasons you may not have received it -- it's in your spam folder, you signed up with a different email address, etc. We'll provide more details about our new Food Hub once we come up for air and start the season. In the meantime, Sarah (one of our new distribution team members) snapped this groovy crow's nest panoramic photo.  Hop on over to our Facebook page to check it out.