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A GOOD FOOD FARM: Raindance Harvest and Headwater Foods Join Forces!

Many of you have noshed on the magically delicious Raindance Harvest greens included in your summer and winter membership shares. (I actually wandered around my kitchen feeling lost after we ate all our greens from the last winter share.) Farmer Brian Beh and Raindance Harvest have been with The Good Food Collective since the very beginning. And after many years working together, that partnership has been taken to a new level. The GFC and Brian Beh have brought their projects together -- like cookies and milk, movies and popcorn, baseball and hotdogs.  Brian Beh is an official part of the Headwater Foods team and the GFC now has an in-house farm!

 Like the Raindance Harvest sign states, this is next generation farming! In addition to working with the other fantastic farmers that are part of The GFC, we hope to work with Brian to develop Raindance Harvest as our flagship, research and development farm; a place where we can forge ahead with innovation around sustainable agriculture and create a wonderfully productive and educational farm where we can grow, celebrate, and continue to develop a GOOD food system for Rochester! Now that the two projects have come together, The GFC team has been spending much more time in the dirt as we get ready for the season! Our GFC team is expanding this year as we staff our packing house, distribution routine, and now the farm.  Here are some pictures of the GFC team planting the first round of Raindance Harvest lettuce with our new equipment investments. Featured here are Grace, Caitlin, Sam, and Brian Beh.  We can’t wait for you to bring this amazing lettuce home to your kitchens!