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End of the 2011 Summer Season

We want to thank each and every member of the Good Food Collective, from the bottom of the GFC staff and farmers’ collective hearts!  This has been a huge season for us, a big push towards our vision of playing a role in envisioning a sustainable, localized food system for Rochester.  Your participation is not only what makes such a vision possible, it speaks loudly to your impressive approach to engaging in positive change and committing to GOOD FOOD!  We cannot thank you all enough for being part of this community and joining us in the important work ahead.  We are hopeful, and we look forward to continuing to work with you. Sincerely, Chris and The Good Food Collective Team  


We hope that you will consider joining our Winter CSA! This program helps to keep you connected to an abundant supply of GOOD FOOD right through the winter.  Although a different experience than our fresh summer supply chain, this frozen, stored and fresh food makes for a fantastic spread of cold season, local foods. Sign-up for our Summer CSA program for 2012 will begin around the 1st of the year.  Our summer members from 2011 will be the first to hear about it!  Look forward to an even better experience with the GFC as we continue to enhance and develop our program.


Headwater Foods, our organization behind The Good Food Collective, seeks to join with you and unfold a GOOD FOOD revolution here in Rochester! OUR VISION: A vertically integrated, soil-to-table, Community Food Enterprise that creates a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area. Headwater Foods Inc. is an organization committed to the development of sustainable, localized food systems and the associated individual, social, economic, and ecological health of the Rochester community. Using creative business models, Headwater Foods Inc. seeks to promote local, sustainable agriculture; a regional food system; accessible and fair GOOD FOOD options for all people; and an enhancement and celebration of Rochester’s food history and culture. Headwater Foods Inc. is looking to embrace the entire value chain associated with re-envisioning a local food system, creating multiple layers of benefit.  Although our work has the priority of creating access to fresh, healthy, sustainable, and value-filled foods for all people, promoting individuals’ health and food security, we seek also to build an economy around a local food system, support local sustainable farmers, create jobs for local urban and rural people, and develop our region’s ability to retain more of the wealth spent on food in this area.  This holistic approach to co-consider the individual, social, economic, and ecological health of our communities and citizens is the strategic thinking behind our actions. Awhile ago we posted about the tile set into the floor of our packing house from Moravian Tile Works: “Plus Ultra,” Latin for “Further Beyond.”  To us this is symbolic of our commitment to positive progress; our purposeful move away from the discourse of nostalgia when we talk about sustainable farming and food systems.  We embrace the time tested wisdom involved with organic agriculture and efforts of appropriate scale and sustainable futures, but we are not advocating a return to your grandmother’s food.  We are active learners, steeped in the available lessons of previous efforts and approaches, and focused on the important work of a new food system and a more sustainable future.  We are not stepping back, we are moving forward.  We are shifting the discourse towards innovation and progress, seeking to model the positive and responsible possibilities.

On we go with intention, creative design thinking, and a passion for positive change!