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Week 14 -- Gearing Up

Preparations for A GOOD Night have begun and we look forward to seeing many of you Saturday night! The event is sold out and tickets are no longer available. Only those who have purchased tickets will be admitted.  Our wonderful chefs and the entire GFC team have been working their tails off to prepare, so we want to respect that hard work and planning by sticking with number of tickets sold.  If you were not able to buy tickets this year, unable to come, or a bit unsure if this party was for you, we hope to celebrate with you next year! Some of you participated in Lisa Barker's photo shoot during distribution and shared with us what GOOD food means to you. Those photos will be featured in an exhibit at A GOOD Night. We know all our members, even those that are camera shy, value good local food.  It is a pleasure to be part of your GOOD food choices and community. And we know it's hard to think about the changing of the seasons when we've had such an amazingly beautiful summer. You can still benefit from and support locally grown goodness even during the colder months by joining our Winter CSA. Given my novice preparing for winter squirreling skills, I am very happy there is such a thing as a winter csa. Now, back to summer thoughts.  Hello, Week 14:


LETTUCE - Raindance Harvest | using organic practices CHERRY TOMATOES – Mason Farm | certified organic GREEN BEANS- Lagoner Farm | IPM practices SUMMER SQUASH - Mason Farm | certified organic CUKES - Mason Farm | certified organic KALE - Mason Farm | certified organic LEEKS – Honeyhill Farm | certified organic CORN - Mason Farm | certified organic CORTLAND APPLES - Lagoner Farm | IPM practices BOSC PEARS - Lagoner Farm | IPM practices HERBS - Mud Creek Farm | using organic practices


LAST WEEK FOR THE FRUIT SHARE!!!  The end of our 12 week fruit season… WATERMELON – Mason Farm | Certified Organic WHITE PEACHES – Mason Farm | IPM Practices NECTARINES - Mason Farm | IPM practices GALA APPLES – Lagoner Farm | IPM practices


The loaf that was missed a few weeks ago will be made up for on the last distribution day.  This is the baker Keith’s idea to help make the bread last a little beyond the end of distribution!