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Week 12 -- Put a Fork in It

As our community of GOOD eaters continues to grow, so does the fleet to support that community. The newest addition to the GFC team -- a forklift. The distribution team's backs are very happy to have it aboard. I still claim that a large part of the decision was so that Stefan could learn to drive a forklift. But with, literally, tons of food prepared and loaded each week for member distribution, the forklift is a thing of magical wonder. Here's what you get to put your fork in for Week 12:


LETTUCE - Raindance Harvest | using organic practices TOMATOES – Mason Farm | certified organic CABBAGE - Mason Farm | certified organic BEETS – Mud Creek Farm | using organic practices CELERY - Mason Farm | certified organic (thursday)EGGPLANT - Clearview Farm | certified organic (friday)PEPPERS – Mason Farm | certified organic (above is the reverse of last week) CORN - Mason Farm | certified organic POTATOES- Mason Farm | certified organic SCALLIONS – Mud Creek Farm | using organic practices BARTLETT PEARS – Lagoner Farm | IPM practices PLUMS - Lagoner Farm | IPM practices HERBS - Mud Creek Farm | using organic practices


Watermelons – Mason Farm | Certified Organic Nectarines – Lagoner Farm | IPM Practices Autumn Crisp APPLES - Mason Farm | IPM practices


The loaf that was missed two weeks ago will be made up for on the last distribution day.  This is the baker Keith’s idea to help make the bread last a little beyond the end of distribution!