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Hey man, nice shirt.

Many of you commented on the new GFC distribution team t-shirt.  And rightly so.  It is one mighty GOOD shirt.  And just like all those yummy locally grown eats you get to take home to your kitchens every week, our new shirt was made with some GOOD local mojo.  And we have the pictures to prove it. Bill Klingensmith, with some assistance from Chris & Stefan, made the GOOD shirts with his own silkscreen press.  What?  You don't have your own silkscreen press?  Yeah, neither do I.  But years ago, Bill wanted to print his own invitations for his wedding.  So he found some do-it-yourself plans on -- where else - the internet.
I could not afford a 'real' press, but I could make one, so I did. Along with that I built my own exposure unit for photo silkscreening and created my own wash out booth out of an old bath tub I found on the street. It is an all around DIY screen printing studio."
His homemade silkscreen press not only made some groovy invitations, but has provided the means to make his own posters and t-shirts for his coffee businesses, Goshen Coffee Company and Bona Fide Coffee.
"It is always fun going analog/lo-fi with hand printed materials and not depending on laser/inkjet/offset printing for final products. I love the hand made feel of a screen print. Lots of folks are hooked on letterpress, which is nice, but is only one way of doing small run prints with a physical appearance. I like silkscreening better."
So after Stefan found just the perfect shade of green shirt to serve as the backdrop, Bill and Chris came up with the design concept (thanks to their muse, the Mighty Green Bean Machine) and got to work printing with Bill at the helm. Chris also supplied some beer and witty banter, as should be expected.  And -- voilà -- one GOOD shirt. 

Take a peek at our Facebook album The Makings of a GOOD Shirt.