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Week 7 - A Boy and His Pickles

One of my son's favorite things (a close second to summer peaches) is pickles.  And not your sit-around-in-a-jar-and-be-boring variety.  I'm talking crunchy cold bold old school homemade pickles. My mother-in-law makes some spankin' good pickles and introduced them to my son when he was a wee lad of only 18 months.  She usually makes them for us every summer with gherkins from her own garden.  So when Chris Hartman told my son to pick out 6 gherkins when we picked up our share, there was a shout of "NANNA'S PIIIIIIIIIIIIICKLES!!!!" that could be heard from all corners of the South Wedge Farmers' Market.  It was as if Chris told him to pick out a puppy and take it home. We called up my mother-in-law and asked for the highly secret Nanna pickle recipe.  She stopped by our house, slid it to me on a folded piece of paper and I promised to eat the paper after we made the pickles. Week 7:


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