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The GFC Featured on Channel 8's "Go Green" Feature

Rochester's Channel 8 has a news feature called "Go Green." Last week, the GFC's own Chris Hartman and Raindance Harvest's Brian Beh were invited to share with viewers the benefits of yummy local food. Anyone who knows Chris knows what a great ambassador for local food he is. And he did not disappoint, as he highlighted why supporting local farmers is not only good for our health, but good for the environment and the community around us. We also got to see Brian in action in his greenhouse donning the most fantastic boots I have ever seen. Brian and Chris did this before with Channel 8's "Go Green" feature in September 2009, so you'd think it would be old hat to them at this point.  But when I saw them the day after they filmed the segment, they were both a little nervous about it. Chris forgot his sunglasses were on his head, so was worried people might be distracted by his resulting hairdo and miss the message entirely. Brian said he was severely lacking sleep and wasn't feeling very eloquent. Well, guys. You did a marvey job, in spite of your concerns. To see Chris Hartman and Brian Beh in their Oscar-worthy portrayals of Chris Hartman and Brian Beh in Channel 8's "CSAs Are a Good Way to Go Green,".