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The Good Work That Goes On to Distribute Good Food

Ever wondered what magic goes on during a Good Food Collective CSA distribution day?  Well, thanks to the GFC’s new favorite toy – a time lapse camera – you can see for yourself the GOOD WORK that goes on to distribute GOOD FOOD.     About 150 Winter CSA members received their last winter goodies of the season this week beginning Monday at RIT, Tuesday at the University of Rochester and rounding out the week Wednesday in the South Wedge.  The GFC team set up the new camera for that last distribution day on Wednesday, March 17 at Boulder Coffee in The South Wedge.  An image was captured every 30 seconds as Chris, Chad and the Green Bean Machine set up shop from 4 to 6pm to bring yummy local eats to about 60 GFC members there for pick up. Yes, you heard that right.  An image every 30 seconds.  There were over 250 pictures and someone had to put them together.  The brave Bill Klingensmith, of MYDARNDEST Design, proudly took on the task and put together this toe-tapping multimedia montage.  The bluegrass ditty serving as the soundtrack has its roots in Chris’ own collection of “epoc recordings” of some friends in college.  The band:  Grass.  The album:  Guns & Money. As we approach the 2011 Summer CSA season, The Good Food Collective looks forward to providing you with more time-lapse series of GOOD FOOD adventures on the farm, in the packing house, on the road, in the kitchen and around the table.