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The Mighty Green Machine

One of my favorite things about the Good Food Collective -- other than the abundance of local, sustainable foods from some of the best farmers in our area, of course --  is the mighty Green Truck. I love cool vehicles.  Blame it on growing up in places where fighter jets flew low and fast overhead, or on the movie Pretty in Pink for making me want an old Karmann Ghia just like Andie Walsh.  Whatever the cause, the appreciation runs deep in my family.  My son believes anyone driving a truck, digger, crane or otherwise mighty machine possesses super-hero-like powers. And the Green Truck is, indeed, a mighty machine. The Green Truck is the flagship of the Good Food Collective.  It is the headquarters; command central.  In Chris Hartman’s words, "It is the connection between farm and city." It is where Bruce Wayne would change into his bat gear, if he didn’t have that spectacular cave.  But, much like Bruce Wayne, the Green Truck wasn’t always so mighty.


The Green Truck had its humble beginnings as part of a fleet of trucks for a uniform delivery service.  A nice gentleman bought the modest truck with the intention of making it into a vending truck.  He gutted it, but then decided not to carry out his food vending plan.  He posted it on Craigslist.  And here’s where it gets fun.  The Good Food Collective saw the mighty distribution potential of the proud, but now very empty, truck and gave it a new purpose.
Green Truck with the paint still drying[/caption] From January 2010 to the day before the first distribution of the season, the GFC team tirelessly converted the former uniform delivery vehicle into the mighty distribution machine it is today. The adaptive reuse of the diesel step-van went a little something like this:
  • Boxing-in and insulating the back
  • Rewiring a window air conditioner to keep the inside at a steady 40 degrees (for your fruit and veggie pleasure)
  • Building out the awning and market table distribution set-up
  • And – last but certainly not least – painting the whole thing John Deere green* (* "... a not uncommon end to many a good project"  Chris Hartman, 2011)
GFC Winter Distribution[/caption] The mighty Green Truck has been connecting locally grown good food to people who love that food ever since.  It has offered a welcome splash of John Deere green during winter deliveries and is looking forward to escorting Chris and Chad in their Hawaiian shirts for the last winter distribution of the season. Taking inspiration from many of you in the growing community of good eaters who have changed your diets with the help of yummy locally grown food, the Green Truck hopes to soon be running on biodiesel. Working for you, doing mighty green things.  The Good Food Collective’s mighty Green Truck.


See more photos of the mighty Green Truck. See it in action during our last Winter CSA distribution of the season.