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Channel 8's "Go Green" Feature: The Good Food Collective

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Locally grown fruits and veggies are easy to find at farmer's markets in the summer. But a new program aims to make it even easier to reap the benefits of locally grown food.
At the Raindance Harvest Farm in Webster, the growing season is well underway.  Inside this greenhouse the seeds have been planted and it won't be too long before their signature heirloom tomatoes are ready.  "We have about 100 varieties of very exotic, tasty,unique heirloom tomatoes," says Brian Beh, owner of Raindance Harvest Farm. This farm is part of a new effort this year. It's called the Good Food Collective. The goal is to get locally grown produce from farms like these to tables all around Rochester.
"We're really trying to build a durable and sustainable economy around food connecting local sustainable farmers with consumers in Rochester," says Chris Hartman. 
He's the organizer of this new endeavor. Here's how it works. "People sign up as members if you will, to a farm, pay up front and then each week throughout the growing season receive a box of food that's being harvested fresh on the farm," says Hartman. Right now, they are tapping into local businesses and signing up employees. They hope 200 people will end up taking part.  "They'd get to benefit from the harvest of the heirlooms from us. We also grow rainbow carrots we grow heirloom lettuces and that's just our farm. Other farms have other specialties that they like to grow too," says Beh. "Throughout the season, folks will see a full range of wonderful vegetables that can be grown here," says Hartman. This wouldn't just help the local economy. It's good for the environment too. Because eating locally grown food cuts down on pollution caused by transporting food.  Plus, the farms involved are organic. "Some people call it local, some people call it sustainable, some people call it organic.  Basically we just like to call it good food," says Beh. The Good Food Collective plans to deliver the food to people who sign up from June-October.  They want to have everyone signed up by the end of April. The cost is about 26 dollars a week. They say that's the same or less than what you'd pay at the grocery store. To find out how you can get involved click here.