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A Brand New GFC Experience

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about an exciting improvement coming to The Good Food Collective Community Distributions this year. In an effort to improve the overall experience of distribution as well as the food quality, we will be pre-packing your shares in our brand spankin’ new red bins.


We’ve based this change on really beneficial feedback from you over the years and we think you’re going to love this update. 

By packing your shares in our new red bins before we leave the Headwater Food Hub, our talented team will exercise rigorous quality control, selecting ideal vegetables and fruits for you and your family, ensuring you get top quality produce in the easiest and most efficient method possible.

Added bonuses of operating this way:

  • Shorter line/wait times!
  • Crew members who are more available to chat and answer your questions about how to store and prepare items
  • Extra time and available crew members to do fun, community activities at each distribution (ie. tasting tables, recipe demonstrations, and more!)
  • We’ll be able to minimize our cumulative food waste 

So what will distribution look like?

  • You will still bring your reusable bags, bins, boxes, or other creative vessels for getting your GOOD food home
  • You will still check in at the front of the line, giving us your name so we can confirm what shares you’re picking up each week
  • You will approach a single red bin and transfer all share items into your reusable food carriers, instead of going through the line and picking items out of 6-8 bulk bins
  • Many weeks, we will still have certain items that you will get to select from such as herbs or when we have a take this or that option (ie. take kale or Swiss chard, take lettuce type 1 or lettuce type 2, take beefsteak tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, etc.)
  • We will still have our swap bin, also known as our “Give a Veggie, Take a Veggie” bin
  • We’ll still have our bonus bin with slightly “ugly” produce or extra goodies!

Again, we heard your feedback and we’re fixing it: better quality this year at the Good Food Collective! Purchase your summer shares and harvest shares today!